So, I’ve got a secret…  a few weeks back I launched a new book series.

For years I devoted my time and creative energy towards crafting my debut trilogy Operation: Harvest (boxed set available on Amazon 😉 ).

I published the third installment earlier this year… and promptly jumped into other things.  One of those other things is a brand new science fiction project called the War of Three Planets.

The format is a bit different.  Each installment is a novella at around 20,000 words, and they’re written to be very accessible to all ages. They should appeal to a Young Adult audience, but with plenty of interstellar space combat to be enjoyable for older readers as well.  It’s a project I’m embracing as something fun and somewhat “pulpy” and a series that should see frequent releases.

In fact, Book One – Daughter of Athelon is on Amazon already, and Book Two is due to be released in the next week or so.  I’ve just finished the first draft of Book Three, and at this point I’ve got enough stuff in my head to roll through at least twelve books (maybe more).

I’m shooting for new installments every 4 – 6 weeks and so far that seems to be a goal I’m capable of hitting.

At this point, these are designed to be eBooks only, but I may end up doing paperbacks as well, if there’s a demand.

For now, check out the covers of Book One and Book Two below and if they look cool (or hell, if you just want to support my efforts because you love me) pick up Daughter of Athelon on Amazon now.

Much more fun stuff to come!