Looking back at the year that was, 2015 had its share of ups and downs. Early in the year one of my close friends unexpectedly passed away, and near the end of the year I lost a very close family member, two bookends to a year that many would say was best left forgotten.  How can writing inspirations be pulled from a year that was so full of emotional issues?

However, 2015 was also the year where I finally became a published novelist, and while navigating the choppy emotional waters proved to be challenging, I tried to focus on some very specific motivational energies to keep me focused and keep me writing.

Inspiration and motivation can come from very unexpected places, and I think I ran the gamut of different things that drove me emotionally throughout the year and kept my fingers attacking the keyboard.

10 – Daredevil on Netflix

I’m a Marvel Comics junkie, though I’ll admit in recent years my love of Marvel has shifted from the comics to the cinematic universe. Every year I look forward to the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Daredevil is one of my all time favorite characters. His 13 episode Netflix series gave us a very layered version of Matt Murdock. He was a driven and focused man who also happens to have extraordinary abilities. I’d like to think many aspects of Murdock could also be found within William Strickland, and the fight choreography in the series had an impact on my writing.

09 – The 2015 Super Bowl

Motivation to write from a sporting event? Like I said, I pull writing inspirations from everywhere. In my household this year, the Super Bowl was a culmination of many different things emotionally. I’m a huge New England Patriots fan, and during the 2014 season my 10 year old daughter starting showing an interest in football as well. We watched many games together throughout the season. She also happens to be a huge Katy Perry fan, so the fact that Katy Perry was the halftime show only added to this special feeling.  We spent the majority of the game cheering together which gave me a healthy helping of emotional motivation fueling me to write. I’d say not a whole lot of what I gained from the game ended up in my Operation: Harvest series, but there are plenty of other things in the hopper that were helped by this amazing four hour spectacle from February.

It’s easy to get drawn into the myopic world of sports fandom, but no matter which team you’re a fan of, the chance to share special moments with your children is what these things are all about (at least to me). No amount of “deflategate” jokes will take that moment away.

08 – NaNoWriMo 2015


I’ve written about NaNoWriMo before and the fact that I try not to save my writing just for a single month.  That being said I find writing inspirations in this annual tradition and NaNoWriMo this year helped me narrow my focus on my third book and make great progress.

So these were three sources of writing inspirations I found through 2015 that kept me writing and kept me motivated.

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