It’s been a little over ten years since the initial kernel of an idea of a genetically engineered werewolf military commando first started digging into the back of my mind.  Ironically, it was my interest in G.I. Joe that initially fostered the concept, as their early 21st Century “Valor Vs. Venom” toy line took the concept of genetically modifying soldiers with animal DNA and created a whole subset of action figures from that fun concept.

I say ‘ironically’ because I’ve spent the majority of my free time over the past few years digging into my Operation: Harvest universe, and in many ways have side-stepped my interest in G.I. Joe as a result.  So while G.I. Joe was the fuel for my creative fire, it’s probably suffered the most as a result.

Anyone who is a fan of G.I. Joe (as many of my friends are) you’ll find some immediate similarities between the Real American Hero mythology and the Operation: Harvest storyline.  But Operation: Harvest is very much its own thing as well.

And it’s officially finished.


It’s still a little hard to believe.  Telling the story of William Strickland, Tina Bates, James Worthy and Gary Irizarry has been something I’ve been driven to do for over a decade, and now that it’s finished, I feel a great sense of accomplishment.  But funny enough, I feel an intense motivation and drive to keep telling more stories.  In a way, Operation: Harvest has changed my life, but as always, it seems that G.I. Joe remains at the core there, another aspect of my forty-plus years that’s defined by four inch plastic army men.

Operation: Harvest is officially done, and book three is available on Amazon, as well as the full boxed set trilogy.  I’m thrilled with the end result and I greatly hope readers are as well, but I’m celebrating the success by diving into new books and new worlds and continuing to tell stories.

Lao Tzu said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”, and I feel like my first thousand mile journey is over.  Time to take that one step towards the next.