Well, mostly done.

For pretty much my entire adult life I’ve wanted to be a writer.  I went to college for English and as far back as I can remember I was sketching out new worlds for my 80s action figures and crafting elaborate backstories for what were essentially soulless pieces of plastic.  While I spent much of my time writing histories for existing characters, eventually I started building my own world in my head.  A world strongly influenced by my love of action figures, to be sure, but still my own unique world.  “Ten minutes in the future” so to speak, a universe where genetic engineering and cyber-robotics weren’t exactly mainstream, but were certainly plausible.

This was a place where a man was experimented on, imbued with amazing animalistic abilities, and a time when he had to use those abilities to fight back against the corporation who did it to him.

Some of the details changed over the past decade, but in late 2013 I sat down and committed to putting this plan to paper.  Excitedly I published my first novel, Part 1 of the Operation: Harvest trilogy in August, 2014.  Six months later, I published the second edition, after making some suggested changes.

Shortly thereafter, Book Two: Loose Strands hit the virtual shelves on Amazon.com and I renewed my commitment to finish the trilogy on a high note.

As of approximately midnight two nights ago, that work was done.  I typed “The End” on a manuscript nearly 190,000 words long that wrapped up the Operation: Harvest trilogy and completed a task I set forth for myself nearly ten years ago.

It feels amazing.

The work is not yet done, not by a long shot.  I’ve got plenty of revisions to make, I’ve got an editor to submit to, I’ve got a cover designer to work with, but I feel fairly certain that early in 2017 my third novel will be published, and the tale of Operation: Harvest will finally be told in totality.  How it ended on paper wasn’t precisely how I pictured it ending back in 2007 when I began crafting it, and it certainly wasn’t how I pictured it ending in 2013 when I began putting the words down, but I’m happy with it and I feel an immense feeling of satisfaction for a job well done.

Many more hours still to go, but as of now it’s a celebration, and one I’m more than happy to share with all of you.

For anyone who bought Book One and Two, thank you very much.  Those proceeds have helped and hopefully will continue to help fund Book Three.  Keep watching and keep reading, when it comes to my writing “career” this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Much more still to come.