The trilogy is complete – Book 3 Tipping Point is a reality!

It’s been a little over ten years since the initial kernel of an idea of a genetically engineered werewolf military commando first started digging into the back of my mind.  Ironically, it was my interest in G.I. Joe that initially fostered the concept, as their early 21st Century “Valor Vs. Venom” toy line took the […]

The time is here! Operation: Harvest Book 3 – Tipping Point coming April 11th!

It seems like it’s been a long time coming (and it has… at least five years from first draft writing and ten years from brain dumping) but the Operation: Harvest trilogy is one step closer to completion! April 11th is a day to circle on your calendar!  That’s the day that Operation: Harvest Book 3 […]

Tipping Point Draft 1 is to the Editor

The next step towards publishing novel number three has been taken…  this past week I completed my own internal revisions and shipped off the first draft of Operation: Harvest Book Three – Tipping Point to my stalwart editor friends at KAEditing. I cannot recommend these folks enough.  I’ve been using their complex editing services for […]

Dealing with writer’s block… or even worse, the opposite

Is there anything worse than writer’s block? In my mind, yes, there is.  I’ve been suffering from it for a few years now, though some people might scoff at the notion of “suffering”.  My problem is actually the opposite of writer’s block, it’s a veritable writer’s flood. When I first decided to become a writer, […]

Operation Harvest Book Two – Loose Strands is ON SALE NOW!

Quick before you read this post, go buy it, please! My whole life I wanted to be an author, I just didn’t know it.  Whether I was creating universes in my bedroom with my action figures, or drawing stick figure comics in endless notebooks during class in high school, my entire world revolved around telling […]

Operation: Harvest Book 2 Loose Strands up for Pre-Order now!

The time has almost come! The Kindle version of Loose Strands (Operation: Harvest Book Two) is now up for pre-order due for release in just TWO DAYS. It hits Amazon on March 22nd in both Kindle Version and Paperback. To celebrate the release, The Fog of Dreams 2nd Edition is maintaining its budget price of […]

Read Chapter One of Loose Strands right now!

We are only a couple weeks removed from the exciting launch of my next novel, Loose Strands, the second book in the Operation: Harvest trilogy! After a great week last week for Book One: The Fog of Dreams (we broke the Top 10 in Werewolf fiction on Amazon!) I wanted to get Chapter 1 out […]

Operation: Harvest Book Three is officially in progress

In truth, I’ve been working on book three of the Operation: Harvest trilogy off and on for nearly a year, but there feels like a distinct difference between collecting all of my thoughts into a handful of disjointed Google Docs files, and actually laying those ideas down on paper, in a certain sequence in order […]

How much writing is too much writing?

As the lead up continues to my novel’s publishing date on August 17th (pre-order The Fog of Dreams for Kindle now!) I’m continuing to blog regularly about whatever topics come to mind. To be fair, I’m at least trying to keep it about writing instead of say, action figure collecting or sports or something. I’ve […]