Inspiration in strange places – Kong: Skull Island

I’ve written about where I find my inspiration before, and have been pretty clear that without Captain America: The Winter Soldier, my second novel Loose Strands would be a considerably different work. As I think back to when I wrote that and what other films and television shows I’ve seen since, I don’t think anything […]

Top Ten Writing Inspirations of 2015 – Part 1

Looking back at the year that was, 2015 had its share of ups and downs. Early in the year one of my close friends unexpectedly passed away, and near the end of the year I lost a very close family member, two bookends to a year that many would say was best left forgotten.  How can writing […]

One hundred and fifty seconds of inspiration

Where do I find the inspiration to write? It changes every day.  Today it was this! Winter Soldier was one of my favorite films of all times (and heavily influenced my fight scene choreography in the upcoming Book Two of my Operation: Harvest series). Civil War looks to be picking up right where it left […]