So after twenty-four hours of rumor within the author communities, Amazon officially confirmed to all authors today that Kindle Worlds is effectively dead.  Established in 2013, Kindle Worlds was a fascinating and unique collaboration between Amazon and several different authors, brands, and corporations, allowing authors to write fiction within those universes.  At the time of this announcement, there are dozens of Kindle Worlds universes out there, including one for G.I. Joe.

The G.I. Joe one is important to me, simply because that’s where this journey began for me back in 2013.  Without the opportunity to write and publish G.I. Joe fiction with Kindle Worlds, I likely would not be writing this post on my author website right now, because…well, I wouldn’t be an author.  That’s what started this whole thing.

I’ll be fully transparent right up front – Kindle Worlds was not a money maker.  It brings in a fraction of the monetary return that my own work does, but it was never about that for me, it was all about the joy and pleasure of writing fiction with some of my favorite characters in one of my favorite universes ever developed.  As of May 17th, Amazon will no longer be accepting new submissions, and as of July 16th, all Kindle Worlds content will be removed from Amazon.  Readers who have purchased books will still be able to read them, of course, but if you’ve been on the fence about checking some of this work out, time to get off.  There’s a bunch of really fun G.I. Joe stuff on Kindle Worlds, not to mention several other worlds as well.

I’m exceptionally disappointed in this news, probably more disappointed than I ought to be, but I have a deep affinity for Kindle Worlds… it really did completely change my life.   For those of you who haven’t explored it before, you might want to check it out, it’s not going to be around forever.