I mentioned it briefly in a previous post, and I’m taking care to try and handle this correctly, but within the next month or so, I’ll be releasing The Fog of Dreams…


Because of some invaluable input from a new editor, I’ve gone through my first novel again, made some critical timeline changes and actually have added some significant new content.  The second edition of The Fog of Dreams comes in at close to 60 pages longer than the previous edition, and it’s content that will come into play later in the series.

I’m conflicted about how to handle this.  First of all, a number of people have bought The Fog of Dreams…  it’s unfair for me to release a second edition less than six months afterwards, isn’t it?

I think it kind of is, yeah.  And I’m trying to figure out how to best handle that.  But as I work that out, trust me that I will find a way to make it right.  I think the release of the second edition is a great thing, though.  It makes a lot more cohesive sense and introduces some intriguing new characters.  I hope if you haven’t bought The Fog of Dreams yet, you will jump on the bandwagon with the Second Edition.  And I hope if you have already purchased the first volume, you won’t be too upset about this, and you’ll give me a chance to make it right.  Until that all happens, check out the new cover for The Fog of Dreams below.  It will be much more cohesive with the ongoing series and looks pretty darn nice as well.

Huge thanks goes out to J Caleb Design for the cover and to KAEditing for the great work further fleshing out my work.  More to come!