The beauty of NanoWriMo

I’ve been doing a lot of my writing this month (and indeed, this whole year) in Google Docs on my Chromebook, which has been working relatively well for me.  Because of that, I haven’t closely tracked my word count (Google Docs requires you to go to Tools > Word Count to check instead of the […]

The Fog of Dreams – Rocketing up the Charts!

Wow!  To say I had a nice morning surprise when I woke up today would be an understatement.  A flurry of activity on The Fog of Dreams during the Kindle Countdown event has surged the novel up to the TOP FIFTEEN sales in the Werewolves category on Amazon! I can’t thank everyone enough for their […]

The Fog of Dreams – Kindle Countdown Deal is on

Halloween is coming, it’s time for trick or treat! Hopefully a price drop on The Fog of Dreams is considered a treat. We’ve kicked off a Kindle Countdown deal this week leading up to Halloween where we’ve dropped prices on the Kindle format of Fog of Dreams down to .99 for a limited period of […]

Interview about The Fog of Dreams on The Full Force podcast

Good friends of mine from the UK did me the kindness of having me on their Full Force podcast to talk about my new novel, The Fog of Dreams.  It was a great conversation about the writing and character building process that I hope folks will check out… …and then buy the actual book.  🙂 […]

Blindspot on NBC a pleasant surprise for this writer

Television has evolved greatly in the past several years, much of it for the better.  The dawn of the Netflix generation and the powerhouse cable TV hour long dramas has enhanced was television has been able to provide a hundred times or more, but unfortunately that upward trend has (to some) left typical network TV […]

Five Star Reviews coming in for The Fog of Dreams

It’s been on Amazon for a while now, and the reviews are starting to come in for The Fog of Dreams, and so far so good! So far Book One of the Operation: Harvest series has a Five Star rating with some great commentary! “‘The Fog of Dreams’ was a surprisingly good read and really […]

Wer – A “Werewolf” Influence in Urban Fantasy

To be fair, nearly every werewolf tale told in the last thirty years could probably be considered “urban fantasy” by its loosest definition.  Many of them take place in the modern world and involve the creature’s impact on modern society. Wer, a 2013 film directed by William Brent Bell takes the concept a few steps […]

Don’t get hung up on mechanics – make your writing style yours

As I’ve been laboring over some revisions for my next round of novels, I’ve also been listening religiously to Stephen King’s infamous “On Writing” book, where he talks of his life and his life’s influence on his writing. He also goes into very insightful detail about the craft itself, and I’ll be honest, it’s nearly […]

Would be self-publishers, this blog is a must

I’ve spent far longer than I’d care to admit hopping around online looking for self publishing advice.  I’ve run across a number of great resources, but the blog of self publisher Chris McMullen is by far one of the best. He hosts it on WordPress and has posted a number of invaluable topics having to […]