Voyage to Athelon

Book Cover: Voyage to Athelon

Brie and the Yarda Resistance escaped from Reblox, but that was the easiest thing they had to deal with. A harrowing journey through the entire Yarda Quadrant takes them to a refueling station in Braxis orbit where they cross paths with the insidious Scalebacks, a nefarious pirate clan out for blood.

Navigating asteroid fields, dodging enemy patrols, and making it all the way across space in a ramshackle shuttle seems to be impossible, but doing the impossible is a Brie Northstar specialty.

If they do make it all the way to Athelon, what awaits them there and how can they hope to survive?

Birth of Rebellion

Book Cover: Birth of Rebellion

Outnumbered, outgunned, and with nowhere left to go, Brie Northstar and her new friends retreat to a place she least expected - the planet Reblox!

The entire quadrant at the brink of war, desperate measures are required and Brie joins up with the Yarda Resistance, a team of rebels devoted to halting the War of the Three Planets before it consumes them all.

Their methods are severe and unorthodox and even as they take steps far outside of Brie's comfort zone, Reblon mechanized Crasher Exo Suits close in and prepare to wipe out the resistance before it can even begin!

Brie begins to understand her place in the galaxy and unravel the mystery of the Child of the Stars, but does that information come in time to save the resistance from utter destruction?

Enemy of Reblox

Book Cover: Enemy of Reblox

Brie Northstar is a girl on the run. Her entire home planet of Athelon has turned on her and she attempts a daring escape thanks to some surprising help, she starts to rethink her decision to run.

Caught in the middle of a vicious interstellar battle, Brie and her rescuers make a drastic decision which lands them in the middle of enemy territory. As the layers of Brie's many secrets start to peel away, the mystical source of her powers starts to become clear. But Reblon commandos are closing in fast and if Brie and her new friends don't act fast, her secrets may very well die with her.

From the stars to the rocky surface of an artificial moon, Brie must use everything at her disposal to survive and to try to learn the dark secrets of her past.

Weapon of Braxis

Book Cover: Weapon of Braxis

Escaping the fire... landing in the frying pan! 

After her adventures on Braxis, Brie Northstar finds herself safe at home on the planet Athelon... but things are far from okay. Imprisoned by her father and suspected of being an enemy insurgent by her mother, Brie is a prisoner in her own home, desperate to escape.

Daughter of Athelon

Book Cover: Daughter of Athelon

Brie Northstar is a normal Athelonian student heading to her next adventure until a sudden attack from an alien race changes the course of her world forever.

Once a typical teenager, she now finds herself in a battle for her very life in a race against time to prevent planetary war.

Consumed by haunting memories and strange new abilities, Brie must find a way to use these skills to survive her ordeal and prevent conflict on a galactic scale...but how can one eighteen year old girl fight back against three ancient races determined to eliminate each other?