Ever since the first rumors of Netflix’s Defenders series leaked several years ago, I’ve been captivated in the progression of their TV themed universe.  Daredevil was what really intrigued me, I didn’t really have much of an interest in Jessica Jones, Power Man or Iron Fist, but I was willing to roll with the flow as long as it got me the Daredevil series I wanted.

Here we stand with two seasons of Daredevil under our belt, confirmation of an upcoming Punisher spin off, Season 1 of Jessica Jones, and Season 2 of Luke Cage just started on Friday.  Daredevil and Jessica Jones have both impressed, but not knowing anything about Cage, I wasn’t sure how invested I’d feel in that universe.

Given Marvel’s track record, I should have known better than to even doubt it.

Luke Cage is freaking spectacular.

As always, the key is in the characters (and the actors that go along with that) and Marvel does a terrific job giving these characters life throughout the work of the accomplished actors playing those roles.  We saw a peek at Luke Cage in the first season of Jessica Jones, and this official first season takes those nuggets and builds them into a great story arc really exploring the character of Harlem.  Like Daredevil did with Hell’s Kitchen, Luke Cage takes the personality of its surroundings and makes it a living and breathing character  unto it’s own.

I’m almost halfway through the first thirteen episodes now, and so far, so good.  If I have any complaints it’s that so far no villain has appeared who can really stand toe-to-toe with Cage, and the sense of suspense or fear of the character’s life is so far non-existent.  But a lot can change in the next seven episodes, so we’ll see how things go from here.

So far, though, I have absolutely no complaints, and anyone who is even the slightest Marvel fan NEEDS to check this one out.