While I’m punching through editing and still developing my next novel, I took some time to put together a brand new G.I. Joe novella for Kindle Worlds!

When a new G.I. Joe recruit goes missing, G.I. Joe calls in the Wolf Squad!

A COBRA secret facility in Alaska is the target of Wolf Squad reconnaissance, but they quickly realize they are outnumbered and outgunned and call in some reinforcements.

It becomes an all out battle of G.I. Joe vs. COBRA… allegiances are questioned…secrets are revealed… and a deadly outbreak is on the horizon!

Your favorite 2016 G.I. Joe and COBRA characters come to life in this action-packed G.I. Joe novella from the mind of Justin Bell

Available right now through Amazon Kindle Worlds it’s a short, but captivating action novella featuring some old favorites side by side with thrilling new characters. Check out on Amazon.com now!