Is it really Thanksgiving already? November? What a whirlwind year this has been for my life as an indie author. This time last year I was struggling to figure out how to sell my thriller trilogy and sci-fi novella series, experimenting with advertisement, marketing, book lengths, but really getting very little traction. I’ll be honest – I was very discouraged. I felt like I was putting a lot of effort and work into something (something that I love, to be sure) but really had little to show for it.

I’m not going to say I was considering giving up, as I said, I absolutely love doing this, so that was never an option, but scale and output was something I needed to explore.

But then something happened that really changed my career track, and in fact went a long way towards changing my life. I happened upon a Facebook post in an author group for someone who was looking for a co-author. A collaboration if you will. He was someone with an existing audience, someone who worked in a genre that I enjoyed, and someone that was willing to lend his expertise towards cover design, editing, and marketing. Somewhat reluctantly, I put my hat in the ring. Reluctantly because I didn’t realistically think he’d accept my submission. I had only three full-length novels released (without many sales) and the novella series was not really the same genre.

But he liked what he saw, we had a few phone calls, and my relationship with Mike Kraus and Muonic Press was born. Things haven’t been the same since.

To date, I’ve put over a million words on paper, I’ve published over fifteen books, I’ve sold 25,000 of them and have, at one point, worked my way up into the Top 25 Sci-Fi authors on Amazon. Even now, nearly a year after this journey began I look back on it with a bit of shock and surprise, as well as a healthy helping of gratitude for the success and good fortune that many who have worked at this far longer have not enjoyed.

I can’t thank Mike Kraus enough for the opportunity to work with Muonic Press. He truly has helped me not just reach some levels of success, but also helped inspire creativity and fueled my enjoyment for this work in ways I never thought possible. Looking forward to 2019 there is so much more still to come and stuff that I think a lot of you will really, really enjoy!