It’s been on Amazon for a while now, and the reviews are starting to come in for The Fog of Dreams, and so far so good!

So far Book One of the Operation: Harvest series has a Five Star rating with some great commentary!

“‘The Fog of Dreams’ was a surprisingly good read and really showcased the story-telling ability of author Justin Bell. Bell, known primarily for his use of already defined characters from the GI Joe universe, impresses the reader with a number of different characters that are well-developed and have personality that you can easily imagine in your mind’s eye. Even the ancillary characters give off their own ‘feel’ when reading through the story.”

The reader goes on to say that there is no “fluff” in the book and there’s plenty of action.  It reads like a movie playing in the reader’s mind.

A second review says much the same.

“This is book is an interesting mashup of styles – intrigue (ala Dan Brown), sci-fi (ala Timothy Zahn), and military action drama (ala Tom Clancy), and somehow it works, probably in no small part due to Bell’s excellent characters, all of whom seem like real and flawed individuals, doing things real and flawed people do. Even though this book is part one of a series, Bell manages to tell a complete story, while just as nicely leaves some unresolved issues for future volumes…”

Capturing a good, full story in the first book while leaving some loose threads for the next volumes.

To say we’re excited about the reaction to The Fog of Dreams is a drastic understatement.  As thrilled as we were to bring the book to the masses, we’re even more thrilled at the early response and feedback.

Keep it coming!  Check out The Fog of Dreams on Amazon and if you like it please consider leaving a review.

Thank you!!