I never had a dog growing up.  Cats like crazy, for sure, but never a dog.  My aunt and uncle had a golden retriever that was pretty much the greatest animal I ever laid eyes on and I always said ‘when I get a dog, it’s going to be a golden”.

So I’m recently married, and the first, most critical decision we have to make– we’re getting a dog.

“Great!” I say.  “I’ve always wanted a Golden Retriever!”

She shakes her head.  See, her family had a Bichon Frise for the past seven years, and she’d fallen in love.

“Wait?  A Bichon Frise?  So…like…a poodle?”

“Bichon Frises are NOT poodles.”

Okay then.  That’s when I started those infamous mental calculations that new husbands make (and seasoned husbands as well)…  is this worth the ‘fight’?  A dog is a dog, right?  I had no real affinity for goldens other than loving one when I was a kid.  There’s no reason I couldn’t love this dog, too.

Bichon Frise it was.  We traveled to a pet store sixty miles away and were introduced…  in retrospect we both would have much rather rescued a dog, but we were young and innocent.  And this son of a gun jumped right out of the crowd of crawling puppies and ran his ass right over to us.  The only Bichon in the group and he immediately came to us.  How could we say no?

And I had to admit, the little bugger was cute.  Yeah, I kind of fell in love.

Our life with Maxwell, the Bichon Frise had begun.