As my revision work on Book Three continues, I struggle to find a way to get folks into the Operation: Harvest universe, so finally I decided that maybe it was just time to start letting people get introduced for free!

To that end, I’ve launched the World of Wolf’s Head Publishing, a mailing list which promises exclusive content, starting with the following:

– An eight page TOP SECRET classified research paper from GenTech discussing the Operation: Harvest experiment.  This free look behind the curtain at Operation: Harvest is only available to members of the World of Wolf’s Head Publishing!

– The first THREE CHAPTERS of Operation: Harvest Book One – The Fog of Dreams

Joining the World will also allow you to be first in line for give-aways, contests and other cool things going on here at Wolf’s Head Publishing.  We’re getting ready to jump full bore into 2017, I hope you’ll be there to jump in with us!  I promise you will not be disappointed.

Join the World of Wolf’s Head Publishing today and have a Happy Holiday season!

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