Is there true importance to writing what you know?

The age old adage says that authors should write what they know…if you’re trying to speak intelligently about a topic, it only makes sense to write about something you’re familiar with, right? I’d say that’s not always true, but it often is. For instance, in The Fog of Dreams (available via pre-order, to be released […]

Does the first person/third person shift help or hurt?

If you’d asked me this question six months ago, I would have said there’s no way to effectively write a novel that shifts perspective from first person to third person. It just doesn’t work. An author needs to pick a style and stick with it. Then I read The Martian by Andy Weir, and he […]

Is writing your dream book really worth it?

I think the moment I realized I really wanted to be an author came when I was about 75% of the way through writing my first novel, and suddenly was hit by the freight train of inspiration and began writing my second novel. Around the same time I put the final polish on my first, […]

Running and Writing – Creativity comes from strange places

So after spending yesterday telling you to “sit down and write” today I’m suggesting you “get up and think”. We’ve all run into writer’s block before…hell, my writer’s block lasted the better part of 40 years. I climbed out of that hole a couple of years ago and am on the verge of publishing my […]

The Joy of Creation

Welcome to my new author page! While I do have my own Publishing Company page set up at, it occurred to me that something more closely geared towards me individually might be a good companion.  I’ll use this page not just purely for writing updates, but some normal blog traffic and such as well. […]