It’s the writing, stupid

Over the past several weeks I’ve been fighting this intense internal battle. Throughout my life, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to achieve certain amounts of success in life. I have a great wife, fantastic kids, a nice house, and make a decent living at my day job. No, my day job isn’t my […]

The beauty of NanoWriMo

I’ve been doing a lot of my writing this month (and indeed, this whole year) in Google Docs on my Chromebook, which has been working relatively well for me.  Because of that, I haven’t closely tracked my word count (Google Docs requires you to go to Tools > Word Count to check instead of the […]

Interview about The Fog of Dreams on The Full Force podcast

Good friends of mine from the UK did me the kindness of having me on their Full Force podcast to talk about my new novel, The Fog of Dreams.  It was a great conversation about the writing and character building process that I hope folks will check out… …and then buy the actual book.  🙂 […]

Don’t get hung up on mechanics – make your writing style yours

As I’ve been laboring over some revisions for my next round of novels, I’ve also been listening religiously to Stephen King’s infamous “On Writing” book, where he talks of his life and his life’s influence on his writing. He also goes into very insightful detail about the craft itself, and I’ll be honest, it’s nearly […]

Would be self-publishers, this blog is a must

I’ve spent far longer than I’d care to admit hopping around online looking for self publishing advice.  I’ve run across a number of great resources, but the blog of self publisher Chris McMullen is by far one of the best. He hosts it on WordPress and has posted a number of invaluable topics having to […]

The brutal reality of why we write

Perhaps brutal is overstating it? Those of you who have read this blog (the few of you so far, but there are a few more each day) have seen me writing about…well, writing.  I’ve been dreaming of being a published author for nearly my whole life, and just last week I achieved that dream. Well, […]

How much writing is too much writing?

As the lead up continues to my novel’s publishing date on August 17th (pre-order The Fog of Dreams for Kindle now!) I’m continuing to blog regularly about whatever topics come to mind. To be fair, I’m at least trying to keep it about writing instead of say, action figure collecting or sports or something. I’ve […]