NanoWriMo 2017 is upon us!

November always seems to sneak up on me, and to be honest, I don’t focus quite as much attention on NanoWriMo as I used to.  At this point I’ve written four novels (well, seven actually, though three are in various stages of revision) and eight novellas and I feel pretty good about my capacity to […]

CityWide Blackout Radio Show featuring yours truly is online!

It was quite a pleasure to sit down with Max and Matt from CityWide Blackout on WEFM Radio last week and talk about my work! We chatted about G.I. Joe and completely geeked out on 80s pop culture, and spoke about my ongoing Operation: Harvest trilogy as well. All in all, it was a lot […]

Batman and Superman vs. the Legion of Gloom

So the new Batman vs. Superman trailer hit late last night and where I felt exhilerated and inspired after the Captain America: Civil War trailer, I just felt underwhelmed and “blah” after seeing a couple minutes of footage from Batman vs. Superman. Keep in mind, I’m one of those folks who actually enjoyed Man of […]

Wer – A “Werewolf” Influence in Urban Fantasy

To be fair, nearly every werewolf tale told in the last thirty years could probably be considered “urban fantasy” by its loosest definition.  Many of them take place in the modern world and involve the creature’s impact on modern society. Wer, a 2013 film directed by William Brent Bell takes the concept a few steps […]