Five Star Reviews coming in for The Fog of Dreams

It’s been on Amazon for a while now, and the reviews are starting to come in for The Fog of Dreams, and so far so good! So far Book One of the Operation: Harvest series has a Five Star rating with some great commentary! “‘The Fog of Dreams’ was a surprisingly good read and really […]

The brutal reality of why we write

Perhaps brutal is overstating it? Those of you who have read this blog (the few of you so far, but there are a few more each day) have seen me writing about…well, writing.  I’ve been dreaming of being a published author for nearly my whole life, and just last week I achieved that dream. Well, […]

The first 24 hours…

I wrote a couple of days ago about the wonderful unknown that was swirling around with one day before my novel’s launch. So how does that jive with the opposite feeling? The “one day after”? Are they truly polar opposites? Does the day after have as much let down as the day before has anticipation? […]

Operation: Harvest begins now with The Fog of Dreams

I’ve been living with the ghost of William Strickland for nearly ten years, to the point where I felt like I had to release him to an unsuspecting world or he might haunt me forever. I am proud to announce that my first ever non-G.I. Joe fictional work, The Fog of Dreams is now available […]