It’s almost Defenders time!

Yeah, I have a weakness for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  I admit it.  I spent way more money on comics than I’d like to think about throughout my younger years, and while I’ve phased out of comic buying, I’m firmly entrenched in the MCU and each new release feels like an event. That especially feels true […]

Marvel’s Netflix does it again – Luke Cage is all that

Ever since the first rumors of Netflix’s Defenders series leaked several years ago, I’ve been captivated in the progression of their TV themed universe.  Daredevil was what really intrigued me, I didn’t really have much of an interest in Jessica Jones, Power Man or Iron Fist, but I was willing to roll with the flow […]

Stranger Things on Netflix is a wonderful, thrilling flashback

It often feels like the 1980s were a simpler time, but for many of us, that’s likely just viewing that decade through the rose colored lens of nostalgia.  I was six years old when the 80s started, and that entire decade of pop culture phenomenon was right in my wheelhouse.  It should come as no […]

Daredevil Season Two picks right up where first season left off

I’ve been pretty vocal in my love for the first season of Netflix’s Daredevil series, and with the Punisher and Elektra appearing in Season 2 I felt pretty comfortable in assuming that I’d love that one, too. Season 2 struck Netflix on March 18th, and with my normal voracious appetite for all things Marvel Cinematic, […]

Netflix’s Daredevil Season One – One Year Later

I guess you could say I discovered comic books somewhat late in life, if you can consider around 10 years old as being “late”. I had moved to a new town, and my new best friend Patrick was an avid comic book fan. I went to his house for a sleep over and immediately consumed […]

It’s official – King Shark is my spirit animal

For way too many years, TV and movies have tried to capitalize on the mythos and characters of super hero comics, but seemed to be ashamed that they were super hero comics, trying so damned hard to contort these crazy stories into a more “realistic” setting. Even Arrow feels like it has to explain every […]

Forget Batman vs. Superman … Flash and Supergirl is where it’s at

I like to consider myself a comic book geek even though I don’t buy many comics anymore.  These days I get my superhero fix through TV and film.  My love of comics goes back a long ways to a time when heroes and villains weren’t afraid to run around in bright outfits, quip one-liners and […]

Blindspot on NBC a pleasant surprise for this writer

Television has evolved greatly in the past several years, much of it for the better.  The dawn of the Netflix generation and the powerhouse cable TV hour long dramas has enhanced was television has been able to provide a hundred times or more, but unfortunately that upward trend has (to some) left typical network TV […]