The dark streets of Washington are running red with blood.

A sinister serial killer has turned the country’s capital into his personal slaughterhouse and there’s only one man who can to stop him.

Join William Strickland on his most dangerous mission yet as he battles against global conspiracy, genetically engineered assassins, and the most treacherous creation GenTech has developed yet. Free the beast within and find out what happens at the conclusion of Operation: Harvest!

For the past twelve months, William Strickland’s life has been a living hell. His wife gone, his daughters missing and caught in the web of a global conspiracy, there seems to be nowhere left to turn. Determined to take the offensive, he ends up in the crosshairs of the Beltway Butcher and along the way finds some sinister connections between the inhuman killer and global conglomerate GenTech.

As the bodies mount, Strickland brings together everyone and everything he knows to try and stop the butcher and make one final desperate attempt to rescue his children, but as the entire world tips on the edge of genetic catastrophe, can one man truly make a difference? Does he stand a chance against GenTech and a legion of their next generation soldiers?

A captivating page turner! The final novel in the thrilling Operation: Harvest trilogy is a must read…one way or another, William Strickland’s story ends here.

Publisher: Wolf's Head Publishing, LLC
Cover Artists: