Book One of "The Price of Peace" Trilogy is HERE!

Thunder bellows in the skies above the wreckage of Cobra Island. Lightning splits the dark, cloud-covered flesh. For over a decade, the vacant carcass of the Cobra organization sat floating in the Gulf of Mexico, its inhabitants scattered to the winds following the most brutal and decisive battle Cobra had ever seen. G.I. Joe had brought its full force upon the shores of the small man-made archipelago, and the results were visceral and sudden.

G.I. Joe vs. Cobra.

America's elite fighting force vs. the terrorist organization determined to rule the world. Ten years after a brutal battle decimated the two sides, the pieces are falling into place for Cobra's return.

But why now? What is their master plan? Ten years after the Marvel Universe ended, the next step towards world domination begins.

America's most elite anti-terrorist task force, G.I. Joe, has existed in some form for over thirty years. Throughout the 1980's, their conflict with Cobra traversed the planet and changed the global landscape forever.

Several years later, the signs are there. The clues start small, but quickly spread world wide. Cobra Commander is still alive, and the Cobra organization is slowly coming back to life.

Calling in some old veterans, and trusting in some new recruits, the G.I. Joe team comes back together to battle this returning threat. They must overcome tall odds and political intrigue as Cobra prepares to launch their most aggressive, insane plot ever to cripple the United States and topple democracy for good.

Picking up where the original Marvel Universe left off, G.I. Joe: The Price of Peace brings the G.I. Joe and Cobra conflict to the next millennium, with ramifications that will be felt forever!

Part One of the epic "The Price of Peace" trilogy, we see Cobra rising up to strike with their deadly venom while G.I. Joe operatives scattered throughout the world desperately try to come together quickly enough to prevent their insidious plan from unfolding. Lives are lost, the global landscape is changed forever, and if G.I. Joe doesn't act fast, the entire world may suffer from a fatal SNAKE BITE!