Book Three of "The Price of Peace" Trilogy is HERE!

Thunder bellows in the skies above the wreckage of Cobra Island. Lightning splits the dark, cloud-covered flesh. For over a decade, the vacant carcass of the Cobra organization sat floating in the Gulf of Mexico, its inhabitants scattered to the winds following the most brutal and decisive battle Cobra had ever seen.

The world of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero universe has spanned several decades and spawned numerous continuities. Within these pages imagine the stories told by the immortal Larry Hama from 1982 – 1994 built into one final cataclysmic battle that had supposedly brought the terrorist organization of Cobra to its knees.

Imagine the Cobra hierarchy all dead, the forces of G.I. Joe successful, and with a newfound peace settling over the world, the need for a special missions force dedicated to stopping a singular terrorist threat was no longer necessary.

But several years have passed…tales of the resurgence of the Cobra threat have surfaced in many areas of the world. Rumors of the demise of the Cobra hierarchy may have been exaggerated.

Now Cobra is on the verge of returning, ready to strike, and scattered members of the G.I. Joe special missions force must gather together to form up a line of defense before Cobra can enact its most sinister plan yet. However, a lot has changed in the world of G.I. Joe. Some familiar faces didn’t make it back from that final conflict, and members of the team are dealing with that in their own unique ways. Other members have retired and moved on with their lives, and some new blood has entered the conflict.

Peace had indeed settled over the world, but peace is but a veil covering the twisted machinations underneath…and that peace has its price.

In Book One: Snake Bite, the world seemed like a safe place. Cobra had been defeated…more than defeated, they had been decimated, and the world of International terrorism seemed to be much more manageable.

However, snakes are resilient, and slowly, evidence is revealed that not only is Cobra still operating under the darkness, but they are getting ready to rise up and strike a blow deep into the throat of the world. Various military operations throughout the United States have caught the attention of the right people in Washington, and even as the G.I. Joe team comes together, forming a bond over their own lost souls, Cobra operatives, new and old, begin launching their operations.

The old guard is recruited, while new blood joins the fight, though not all of the veterans are so happy to rejoin the G.I. Joe and Cobra conflict. After Lady Jaye made the ultimate sacrifice, Flint can’t bring himself to join the war yet again, meanwhile G.I. Joe operatives are captured, and worse. To launch this most sinister of plans, Cobra Commander is utilizing his new Shadow-Viper corps, along with his personal bodyguard Snakebite, and his only daughter, a young woman known only as Whisper. No longer content to operate secretly, Cobra launches their plan and the most powerful man in the world is their first target! The mark has been left, and there is no choice but to bring G.I. Joe back into action.

Acting quickly, the G.I. Joe team amasses a force and makes the decision to bring the battle to Cobra. Gathering up all of the operatives they can, new and old, the world’s foremost anti terrorist special missions force gets ready to fight the battle of their very lives. Surging towards Cobra Island, the G.I. Joe team must balance the needs of the world with a desire for personal vendetta. Completely abandoned by the political machine, they are truly on their own, and must do anything to survive.
For perhaps the final time, G.I. Joe and Cobra come head to head in the most vicious battle in the history of the two sides, and not all will survive!

G.I. Joe moves in to engage, and they prepare for The Final Conflict!