Television has evolved greatly in the past several years, much of it for the better.  The dawn of the Netflix generation and the powerhouse cable TV hour long dramas has enhanced was television has been able to provide a hundred times or more, but unfortunately that upward trend has (to some) left typical network TV in the dust.

From my perspective, it’s been difficult, if not impossible, to find decent network TV to compliment the powerhouse cable and Netflix dramas.  Person of Interest is something that should…well… interest me.  But I tried six episodes and never went back.  It certainly was an entertaining hour of television, but compared to the hard hitting gut-punches of Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and many others, it just felt a little too…well, ‘safe’.  I look at nearly all network TV that way.  If it doesn’t have a link to comics (like Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, The Flash, or the upcoming Supergirl…I like to pretend Gotham doesn’t exist) I have a hard time staying interested.

So, needless to say, Blindspot, while intriguing, didn’t have me very hopeful.  An amnesic super soldier, a conspiracy riddled mystery that’s so mysterious that it’s written in permanent tattoo ink all over the main character’s body.

That being said, it features Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton, a pair of actors whose work I’ve enjoyed in Thor and Strike Back respectively.

I’m happy to report that, for the first hour anyway, it’s a step above what I’m used to.  Crisp writing, great production values, some suspenseful action.  So far, so good.  The pilot episode was over before I grew bored, and I feel genuinely intrigued about the unfolding mystery.  Good stuff, and it feels in the wheelhouse of my own novel work as well.

Now time will tell if this becomes another Person of Interest or Blacklist (another show that I should enjoy, but for some reason do not) or one of the countless cable or Netflix dramas that have really captured my attention these days.

Blindspot airs on NBC Mondays at 10pm.