So the new Batman vs. Superman trailer hit late last night and where I felt exhilerated and inspired after the Captain America: Civil War trailer, I just felt underwhelmed and “blah” after seeing a couple minutes of footage from Batman vs. Superman.

Keep in mind, I’m one of those folks who actually enjoyed Man of Steel, and who generally enjoys Zach Snyder’s work. There’s a sense of motion and impact with his work, a type of kinetic energy which I usually find pretty exciting. For Batman vs. Superman, though, it just feels grim, gritty, and dirty for no reason.

Batman and Superman are supposed to present two opposite sides of the same coin. Two different ideals in direct contrast, which is why they naturally conflict with each other. In the DC film world, they really aren’t. Superman, just like Batman, is a brooding loner who has been emotionally wounded and isn’t quite sure how to handle his place. In many ways he simply resembles a more powerful version of the same guy Batman is, which makes me wonder why wouldn’t they get along? The conflict seems to come much more from the fact that Superman is powerful and alien rather than he’s a “blue boy scout” who feels somewhat above reproach.

Add that to the fact that Lex Luther’s smarmy chatterbox doesn’t feel like the distinguished, ruthless elder statesman that he’s always been. Doomsday looks to be some weird malformed Zod clone and the entire movie looks as if it’s been filmed under a strange filter of gray. This all adds up to something that feels like it’s taking itself way too seriously and isn’t having nearly enough fun playing with comic book super heroes.

Marvel seems able to balance the fun and the serious nature of the source material. Heck, even the Greg Berlanti helmed DC television shows do it. I’m not sure why the films can’t follow suit.

Batman vs Superman