My writing year in review – 2016

Isn’t this how these blogs work at the beginning of 2017?  You look back over the past twelve months to see what went well, what didn’t go well and set some goals for the coming year.  That feels like the right thing to do.

From a personal standpoint, 2016 was somewhat challenging.  I lost a very close relative early in the year quite unexpectedly, ended up changing jobs and had an exceptionally busy year for my day job, leaving not quite as much time for writing as I would have liked.

That being said, I did manage to publish a 2nd Edition of my first novel, as well as a second novel, and I sold my first ever writing work to a fantastic horror/military anthology by Cohesion Press.  All three of these things feel like great accomplishments, and I’m very proud of them.

With the actual published work I’m also extremely happy to say I completed the initial draft of my third novel, which is going through the revision stages now with a planned release in early 2017!

Along with this, I also published a G.I. Joe novella for Kindle Worlds alongside some great collaborators and I wrote and submitted for almost a dozen other short story collections.  For being as busy as I was I did a hell of a lot of writing, and it feels great.

What I didn’t do was a hell of a lot of selling.

Listen, I write because I love to write.  There is no feeling quite as good as putting “The End” on a finished manuscript, and now that I’ve been involved in that process over the past two years, I can’t imagine life without it.  That being said, self-publishing is not an inexpensive endeavor, and I’ll need to find a balance between producing work and selling work pretty shortly.

To that end, as I’ve mentioned previously I have been taking Mark Dawson’s Self-Publishing 101 course and am trying to implement some of his marketing recommendations.  I’m starting to see some soft dividends already, so here’s to hoping that I do just as much writing in 2017, but maybe actually let it pay for itself somewhere down the road.

Hope you’ll all be there with me on this exciting road towards a better tomorrow.


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