The struggling author – tracking progress with Self Publishing School

The struggling author – tracking progress with Self Publishing School

I’ve made a few posts on the ole blog here referencing my struggles with selling my work, and mostly I try to make light of the situation, but in truth, I absolutely love to write, and in further (more painful) truth, if I don’t find a way to at least make it pay for itself, I may not be able to do it as much as I’d like.

See, I write about what I love, and I have a pretty eclectic window of interests.  I like military fiction and political thrillers (why yes I’ve read every Tom Clancy novel, why do you ask?).  I love “10 minutes in the future” technology intertwined with the military, like Metal Gear Solid and G.I. Joe.  I like certain elements of horror, and I like the whole concept of genetic engineering and creating the “perfect” soldier.  These topics are all in my wheelhouse, so it only made sense that when I dove headfirst into the novel pool, I’d write what I know.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be resonating with much of an audience.

Don’t get me wrong, my friends and family have been there every step of the way, helping me move a number of copies of my first novel, at one point even breaking the Top 10 in the Werewolf fiction category.  But besides that short jump, it’s been a flat, even line all along the way, not just for copies sold, but also for Kindle Select/Kindle Unlimited.  People don’t even appear to want to read my work for free.  :/

So, I figured, I needed to do SOMEthing.  I strongly believe in my work, I think I’m a good writer, I think my work is captivating and exciting, and I’m 100% certain it would find an audience if the right crowd was made aware.

How do I make that happen?

Well, I will admit there was a bit of desperation as I combed through the Internet to try and find something to latch onto.  Something that might lead me towards a path of at least a little more financial sustenance with my writing.

At this moment that path has led me to Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing School.

Please keep in mind, I am in no way affiliated with this course, I just read through some of the descriptions, and a lot of it resonated with me.  So I carved aside that last little bit of “book money” and plunged right in.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to talk about my experiences with the school and some changes I’ve made and hopefully report on whether (or not) certain aspects are working for me.  A lot of this is common sense, but even more is a clear path towards potential success.  It’s not a path that everyone will reach, but I can start seeing things getting a little clearer.

Hopefully you’ll follow me down this road and we’ll end up in a better place.


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