Dealing with writer’s block… or even worse, the opposite

Dealing with writer’s block… or even worse, the opposite

Is there anything worse than writer’s block?

In my mind, yes, there is.  I’ve been suffering from it for a few years now, though some people might scoff at the notion of “suffering”.  My problem is actually the opposite of writer’s block, it’s a veritable writer’s flood.

When I first decided to become a writer, I had a very specific story in mind to tell, and as of this writing I’m well over 2/3 of the way done.  My Operation: Harvest trilogy has two books published on Amazon, and I’m 150,000 words into book three, but to me, the issue isn’t not finding the words to finish it, the issue is finding too many other words to write about other topics.

While I’ve been working on this trilogy, I’ve crafted and submitted two other novellas to agents/publications (both turned down… yay?), and also written and submitted over a dozen short stories (1 accepted by those bad asses at Cohesion Press, all others politely declined).

With that work, I’ve probably written the equivalent of a fourth novel, but in reality still haven’t finished my third.

Is that a problem?  Some might say it is.  The more you write the more you hone your craft, but regular published content is constantly stated as the best way to stay relevant.  If you write 100,000 words of dead end material that never gets seen, and it keeps you from finishing your novel on time, was it worth it?

In my case, I think it was, yes.  I learned things about myself as a writer.  Things that have helped me develop my style on this third book, yet now, even as I’m nearing the finish line of Book 3, I find myself constantly distracted by other open submissions and other windows for material that keep opening.  Am I distracted because I’m honestly not interested in telling the story I’m telling?  Should I shelf this for a while and explore other avenues?

Nope.  I’m pushing ahead.  Closing my eyes, damning the torpedos and working through until the end of book three.  In my mind, being able to explore other worlds and other characters will be my reward for getting through this one.  It’s been a long hard road, focusing (mostly) on this narrow universe for over three years, but even if the payoff hasn’t been in sales, maybe it will be in self satisfaction.


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