Self Publishing your novel tip #1 – whatever you do, don’t listen to me

Self Publishing your novel tip #1 – whatever you do, don’t listen to me

Still here?  Don’t follow direction very well, huh?

Honestly, I’m starting this post not having a clue how I’m going to finish.  In that way, it’s very unlike how I write, which is exceedingly outline-based. I am not a “seat of the pants” writer by any stretch.

Well, apparently, unless you count blog posts.

At this point I’ve been a self-published author for over a year, and have around six works of varying lengths on  Most of them are from the G.I. Joe Kindle Worlds Library, but I also have my own two full-length novels, which are the work I’m most proud of.

And the work that nobody is reading.

For that reason and that reason alone, I suggest you temper any judgement based on my opinion, because I’m sure as hell not selling any books, so if that’s your end goal, then move along little doggy.

But if you’re at all interested in the writing process…how I got here, how I go about getting stuff from my brain up to Amazon, well, then maybe I can provide some insight.  Maybe there are some things about this little art of writing that go beyond (or at least circumvent) just the financial.

Don’t get me wrong…there has to be a financial component to this.  Truly I believe to do self publishing the way it deserves to be done, certain financial investments could and I’d argue should be made.  If I had to boil all possible costs down to a pair of critical junctures, I’d probably say the following:

  1. Pay a professional editor
  2. Pay a professional cover designer

The rest you can probably get by on your own.

Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you that throwing a thousand bucks at a professional editor is going to guarantee you a return on investment.  It hasn’t for me.  But what I can tell you is that the peace of mind of knowing a professional looked over your work, recommended changes and (hopefully) caught those pesky grammatical hiccups is worth the cost.  It’s worth it for me to be able to confidently hand my book over to a friend or relative and not be concerned that rampant typo’s will convince them I’m an ignoramus.  Lord knows, I’ve spent decades convincing friends and relatives of that fact, I don’t need a shitty book to reinforce their opinion of me.

Do you absolutely have to invest tons of cash in an editor?  Nah.  Nobody can make you do anything.  But I strongly believe anyone’s work (yes even you, mutant hybrid romance novelist) will be better with a second set of professional eyes on your work.

(Psst, I use KAEditing, and they’re awesome).

So really, I guess that’s what this post (and potentially future posts) are all about.  A stream of consciousness opinion peace on how I go about writing and how it’s working (or not working) for me.  Your mileage may vary.

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