Lord help me, I think I just pre-ordered a Google Pixel

Lord help me, I think I just pre-ordered a Google Pixel

As a career IT guy, I have this thing against early adoption, and generally prefer to let others struggle through the first few generations of technical evolution to work out all the bugs.  Yet, when the Google Pixel was announced yesterday (officially, anyway) and up for pre-order shortly thereafter, for some reason, I jumped on it immediately.


As an avid Samsung fanatic over the past five years, I’ve now burned through (or am just about to burn through) two Galaxy phones and a Galaxy tablet, but it’s not the hardware I struggle with, it’s the Samsung bloatware that somehow takes up almost 30% of the storage space on the SD card.  I love Android and have always wanted a more pristine Android experience, but that has always been impossible (I mean, yeah, there’s the Google Nexus, but they’ve never quite felt revolutionary enough).

So when Google appeared to finally mirror performance, state-of-the-art functionality, the latest Android platform, plus a version of Android “in it’s purest form” I had to jump on it.  It certainly helps that my Galaxy S5 was just about ready for trade in anyway.

Like many people are with Apple and iOs, my identity is pretty fully mired in the Google ecosystem.  Me and my kids use Google talk, I depend heavily on Google Docs for my writing, I use Google photos and Gmail…nearly every element of my personal and professional life is somehow interwoven into Google’s web based presence, so having a singular device that feels more “clean” than one leveraged by another secondary vendor felt like the right move.

I pre-ordered it and its due for delivery October 20th.  Hopefully I’m as excited October 21st as I am right now.


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