NaNoWriMo 2015

NaNoWriMo 2016 is almost here and I have no idea what I’m doing

While I’m a big fan of writing all year round, not just in November, I can’t pretend that NanoWriMo didn’t play a role in my final surge into becoming a self-published author.

It was NanoWriMo 2013 that  finally kicked my ass into putting my first novel in its place, and it was NanoWriMo 2014 that gave me the focus on tying up my second novel.

I used NanoWriMo 2015 to assemble the rough draft of book three (a rough draft which now stands at 140,000 words and is nearly complete), so I can’t lie… NanoWriMo has played a pivotal role in my work, even though I write where and when I can all year round.

So here we stand in October, 2016 and I got my first notification that NanoWriMo 2016 is starting its spin up process, but I have no idea what to work on this year.  As I said, Book Three’s first draft is nearly complete, and until I get that wrapped, I’m very hesitant to consider work on something else.

Although I have a great editor, I don’t think I can finish this work and get a first run back by November, so I can’t even use it for a second draft of this novel.  Will this be the first year since 2013 that I don’t actively work on something?  I hope not, but it’s possible.

Anyone else struggling with this question?

NaNoWriMo 2015

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