Critics vs. Audiences – whose voice is loudest?

In case you were sleeping in a dark cave somewhere, you know that last week Hollywood unleashed their latest superhero juggernaut Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  It hit audiences like a firestorm, and the critics, by and large, hit back. Currently sitting at around 28% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s safe to say the launching […]

Seven minute “supercut” leads into Captain America: Civil War

I’m already anticipating how much writing motivation this film will provide me, considering the final infiltration sequence in Loose Strands was directly influenced by Captain America: Winter Soldier.  The best way to make sure your body is ready for Civil War is to watch this amazing seven minute supercut.  It’s like an extra long trailer for […]

Daredevil Season Two picks right up where first season left off

I’ve been pretty vocal in my love for the first season of Netflix’s Daredevil series, and with the Punisher and Elektra appearing in Season 2 I felt pretty comfortable in assuming that I’d love that one, too. Season 2 struck Netflix on March 18th, and with my normal voracious appetite for all things Marvel Cinematic, […]

Operation Harvest Book Two – Loose Strands is ON SALE NOW!

Quick before you read this post, go buy it, please! My whole life I wanted to be an author, I just didn’t know it.  Whether I was creating universes in my bedroom with my action figures, or drawing stick figure comics in endless notebooks during class in high school, my entire world revolved around telling […]

Operation: Harvest Book 2 Loose Strands up for Pre-Order now!

The time has almost come! The Kindle version of Loose Strands (Operation: Harvest Book Two) is now up for pre-order due for release in just TWO DAYS. It hits Amazon on March 22nd in both Kindle Version and Paperback. To celebrate the release, The Fog of Dreams 2nd Edition is maintaining its budget price of […]

Read Chapter One of Loose Strands right now!

We are only a couple weeks removed from the exciting launch of my next novel, Loose Strands, the second book in the Operation: Harvest trilogy! After a great week last week for Book One: The Fog of Dreams (we broke the Top 10 in Werewolf fiction on Amazon!) I wanted to get Chapter 1 out […]

The Fog of Dreams – 2nd Edition bargain priced at only 99 cents!

My next book is coming!  Loose Strands is on the verge of release, so to get everyone ready, I’ve discounted the 2nd Edition of my first novel The Fog of Dreams down to just 99 cents! That’s 400 pages of military thriller for a bargain basement price!  Read it and brace yourself for the Operation: […]

Latest G.I. Joe: Kindle Worlds novella has been published!

I first got my start as an author writing G.I. Joe novels and novellas for Amazon’s Kindle Worlds platform, a great licensing agreement which allows writers to write stories based in licensed universes, including G.I. Joe! I’ve got three novels and a novella published already, and today my second novella has been published as well! […]