Operation: Harvest Book Three is officially in progress

Operation: Harvest Book Three is officially in progress

In truth, I’ve been working on book three of the Operation: Harvest trilogy off and on for nearly a year, but there feels like a distinct difference between collecting all of my thoughts into a handful of disjointed Google Docs files, and actually laying those ideas down on paper, in a certain sequence in order to craft an actual story.

That transition happened over the past week, and I’ve gone from a very vague outline and a bunch of jumbled words, to over 25,000 words, in sequence, making up the majority of the first three chapters.  If writing a novel is the birth of something, I’m firmly at the end of the first trimester, which is typically when parents to be consider it “safe” to tell friends and family they’re expecting.

Well, I’m expecting my third “child” and so far, so good, though if my progress to date is any indication, 25,000 isn’t a trimester, and this novel could end up being a stretch longer than book two (though perhaps not quite as long as my revised book one).

More info as it comes, I’m just excited to be making some sensible progress!


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