Deadpool is not your father’s superhero movie

Deadpool is not your father’s superhero movie

Actually, scratch that. It IS your father’s superhero movie. But it’s defintely not your kid’s superhero movie.

Littered with blood, four letter words, and even some nakedness, Deadpool is 20th Century Fox’s latest film in their dubiously connected X-Men Cinematic Universe, and it delivers on almost every level, as long as you have a sense of humor and aren’t easily offended.

I like to consider myself a pretty sophisticated movie goer, attending cinematic performances with one pinky slightly elevated, looking down over by rectangular spectacles at the unwashed masses waiting in line for the next Paul Blart movie. Yet, even I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when Deadpool got shot directly in his ass, grabbing his backside and muttering “right down Main Street”. How don’t care how sophisticated you are, that shit’s funny.

The crass humor and overwrought bloodshed is intermixed nicely with some actual well-choreographed action sequences which is what really ties everything together. The film is obviously built as a raunchy, blood-soaked comedy, but there’s just enough high octane action to engage a movie watcher who likes going to movies for other reasons than to just laugh.

It’s place within the X-Men film continuity is dubious, especially when Deadpool when referring to Professor X remarks ‘Stewart or McAvoy, these timelines are so confusing! (yeah I LOL’ed). There’s enough tying them all together to extend the Fox Marvel universe in interesting ways. Colossus is handled to near perfection and even a character I have no clue about Negasonic Teenage Warhead manages to be likable and relateable.

Hell, even the taxi driver was a great supporting character.

I don’t go to the theaters often, but I’m extremely satisfied with my nine dollar ticket purchase on Valentine’s Day, even if the lacy red was blood soaked.


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