Forget Batman vs. Superman … Flash and Supergirl is where it’s at

Forget Batman vs. Superman … Flash and Supergirl is where it’s at

I like to consider myself a comic book geek even though I don’t buy many comics anymore.  These days I get my superhero fix through TV and film.  My love of comics goes back a long ways to a time when heroes and villains weren’t afraid to run around in bright outfits, quip one-liners and every hero wasn’t some angry pseudo-villain.

For this reason I am exceptionally excited to see the recently announced Flash and Supergirl crossover coming to CBS March 28th.

Yes, Supergirl has a healthy helping of 20-something girl appeal, as Kara struggles with relationships, wonders what to wear, and sits on the couch with her sister eating ice cream right out of the pint.  But it also manages to balance some kick ass real super hero action, with fantastic effects and really cool scenes of the heroine screaming through the air, punching baddies through walls.  Plus Martian friggen Manhunter.

Over on CW, The Flash manages the same thing (though Barry has been uncomfortably ‘woe is me’ this season).  Red and yellow streaks burning Central City streets as he fights genius level apes, other super speeders, and a MAN SHARK for crying out loud.  True comic book joy.

Seeing these two colorful fun characters slammed together into a crossover story promises a level of unbridled, immature, comic booky greatness that I fear the Batman vs. Superman Hollywood monstrosity won’t come close to accomplishing.  Flash and Supergirl may be tier 2 characters, but they’ve been the highlight of a somewhat dreary television season.

While many DC comics fanboys are counting down the days until March 25th, I’m adding a few more days to that.  Make mine March 28th.


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