Netflix’s Daredevil Season One – One Year Later

I guess you could say I discovered comic books somewhat late in life, if you can consider around 10 years old as being “late”. I had moved to a new town, and my new best friend Patrick was an avid comic book fan. I went to his house for a sleep over and immediately consumed […]

It’s official – King Shark is my spirit animal

For way too many years, TV and movies have tried to capitalize on the mythos and characters of super hero comics, but seemed to be ashamed that they were super hero comics, trying so damned hard to contort these crazy stories into a more “realistic” setting. Even Arrow feels like it has to explain every […]

G.I. Joe: Legacy Book 3 – Whisper is on the way!

My latest Amazon Kindle Worlds G.I. Joe project has been completed!  Part 3 of the G.I. Joe: Legacy joint project with fellow writers Jim Beard, Bill Nedrow, and Troy Osgood will hit Kindle Worlds on March 1st. It was a blast to write, and I can’t wait to get it out there. You can check […]

Operation: Harvest Book Three is officially in progress

In truth, I’ve been working on book three of the Operation: Harvest trilogy off and on for nearly a year, but there feels like a distinct difference between collecting all of my thoughts into a handful of disjointed Google Docs files, and actually laying those ideas down on paper, in a certain sequence in order […]

Daredevil Season 2 Trailer leaves no good deed unpunished

Yes, I’m a shameless comic book superhero fan, and I believe that my love in comics at an early age is what drove me to be the voracious reader and writer that I am today. Two of the biggest influences to me as a kid were Frank Miller’s run on Daredevil and the explosive entrance […]

Deadpool is not your father’s superhero movie

Actually, scratch that. It IS your father’s superhero movie. But it’s defintely not your kid’s superhero movie. Littered with blood, four letter words, and even some nakedness, Deadpool is 20th Century Fox’s latest film in their dubiously connected X-Men Cinematic Universe, and it delivers on almost every level, as long as you have a sense […]

Adventures in Self Publishing – Six Months later

It was November, 2014 when I actually got semi-serious about self publishing, deciding to participate in NanoWriMo 2014, and managing to spew out my entire 110,000 word novel during that short four week span. Then, for the next nine months I began this strange twisted journey towards the world of self publishing, learning a lot […]

Forget Batman vs. Superman … Flash and Supergirl is where it’s at

I like to consider myself a comic book geek even though I don’t buy many comics anymore.  These days I get my superhero fix through TV and film.  My love of comics goes back a long ways to a time when heroes and villains weren’t afraid to run around in bright outfits, quip one-liners and […]