Read The Fog of Dreams again…for the first time

I mentioned it briefly in a previous post, and I’m taking care to try and handle this correctly, but within the next month or so, I’ll be releasing The Fog of Dreams… …again. Because of some invaluable input from a new editor, I’ve gone through my first novel again, made some critical timeline changes and […]

Knowing when to say when – revising your novel

When I was in the final stages of releasing my first book, I wanted it to be 100% perfect. I read it through countless times and had a few different beta readers, plus my editor check it all out. Got sign off, people seemed happy, I was happy, BOOM published. That’s the end of it. […]

Top Ten Writing Inspirations of 2015 – Part 3

This past year has been one of ups, downs, and in-betweens. I lost two people close to me, but published my first novel and submitted several potential works for possible future publication.  Throughout this series of events it was often tough to dig out some writing inspirations of 2015. Throughout the emotional minefield of 2015 […]