The beauty of NanoWriMo

I’ve been doing a lot of my writing this month (and indeed, this whole year) in Google Docs on my Chromebook, which has been working relatively well for me.  Because of that, I haven’t closely tracked my word count (Google Docs requires you to go to Tools > Word Count to check instead of the constant reminder). I swore I wouldn’t specifically check until I hit a milestone in my third novel, and I did late last week.  So in the interest of NanoWriMo (click here), I checked the word count…  67,900!  That was a nice surprise.

Typically I don’t get real hung up on word count (unless there’s a specific requirement for my submission) I just fly by the seat of my pants.  The Fog of Dreams ended up around 104,000, and Loose Strands (book 2) has a first draft count of around 110,000.  Not because I was trying to achieve some particular standard, that’s just kind of how it worked out.

In fact the entire first draft of the Fog of Dreams was written during NaNoWriMo 2013.

If you’re a writer, I encourage you to write all year round.  But there’s nothing wrong with using a month as a specific goal to propel yourself forward.  The fact that I’ve written almost 70,000 words in a 15 day period tells me that it works for me!


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