River – Netflix’s new BBC transplant is a sublime surprise

With Jessica Jones hitting Netflix on November 20th, I figured my binging hit its max, but then when surfing Netflix to look for a decent movie this long weekend, I came across River.  It was a surprise, not a series I’d even heard an inkling for, but as a manic fan of most BBC’s police […]

One hundred and fifty seconds of inspiration

Where do I find the inspiration to write? It changes every day.  Today it was this! Winter Soldier was one of my favorite films of all times (and heavily influenced my fight scene choreography in the upcoming Book Two of my Operation: Harvest series). Civil War looks to be picking up right where it left […]

Jessica Jones – Literary Magic, but is it right for TV?

So as an avid Marvel Comics (and thus Marvel Studios) fan, I excitedly jumped into Jessica Jones the day it was released through Netflix on November 20th. Somehow, even with real life and two kids, I managed to plow through all 13 episodes over the weekend, and came away satisfied. Well, relatively satisfied. I’m a […]

It’s the writing, stupid

Over the past several weeks I’ve been fighting this intense internal battle. Throughout my life, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to achieve certain amounts of success in life. I have a great wife, fantastic kids, a nice house, and make a decent living at my day job. No, my day job isn’t my […]

The beauty of NanoWriMo

I’ve been doing a lot of my writing this month (and indeed, this whole year) in Google Docs on my Chromebook, which has been working relatively well for me.  Because of that, I haven’t closely tracked my word count (Google Docs requires you to go to Tools > Word Count to check instead of the […]