The brutal reality of why we write

The brutal reality of why we write

Perhaps brutal is overstating it?

Those of you who have read this blog (the few of you so far, but there are a few more each day) have seen me writing about…well, writing.  I’ve been dreaming of being a published author for nearly my whole life, and just last week I achieved that dream.

Well, in fairness, I had achieved that dream nearly a year ago, thanks to the Kindle Worlds program, but there is a distinct difference when it comes to actually writing your own world.

It felt pretty damn good.

But was it going to sell?  Not so much.  At least not yet.  Don’t get me wrong, copies have moved, and it’s been getting some decent borrows through the Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited, so I can’t complain.  Believe it or not, the “borrows” will likely end up generating more of a return to me than the actual sales, so dammit if you have Amazon Prime, use the lending library and borrow that baby!  Just make sure you read all the pages.

So, really, it was evident that while I was successfully sharing my world with the world at large, it’s certainly not spreading far and wide.  But that’s okay, because that’s not why I do this.

Hell, I’ve been writing since I was 10 years old, and I certainly wasn’t even thinking of selling my work back then.  I did it because I loved it, and I do it now for the same exact reason.  That’s the only excuse I can think of, because even now, as sales of The Fog of Dreams remain relatively static, I’m back on it, spending several hours a day working on more projects.  This week I’ve probably generated 15,000 words on various projects (including Book 3 of Operation: Harvest, another G.I. Joe project, and yes, even a separate project of my own).  And I’m loving it.  The less I care about sales, the freer I feel about my work, and that feels like a good place to be.

Don’t get me wrong, if I wanna be able to edit, promote, and get covers made for these bad boys, I need to get SOMEthing financial out of it.  But when it comes to the act of writing itself, I get plenty of satisfaction even if I’m not getting the big dollars.

But anyone who does want to throw some support my way, The Fog of Dreams is on Amazon now, also available via Kindle Unlimited and as a free borrow through Amazon Prime and the Kindle Lending Library.  Do it up!

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