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Three Thrilling Series from Justin Bell and Mike Kraus

When the end arrives, how far will you go to save the ones you love?

When a terrorist plot results in the detonation of several nuclear devices across the West Coast, the Frasers are thrown into disarray and their strained familial relationships are tested as they watch society collapse around them.

A devastating attack. A family separated. A desperate struggle to survive.

Jackson Block is trapped far from his family and those he loves when a rogue state unleashes a devastating attack. To reunite with his loved ones he must fight through streets that have turned into a war zone

When the sky comes crashing down, one family must risk everything to survive.

An unprecedented attack rips apart the Gregory family, trapping them on opposite sides of the world. As Marilyn struggles to keep her children alive, Marcus fights to stay alive in the middle of a war-torn region..

A revolutionary technology. A sinister foe. A desperate fight for survival.

When a new drilling method enables access to a deep source of renewable energy, all expectations are that Ultilitron will champion a new era in electricity production. When the lights go out and the killing starts, the country’s emotions quickly turn from elation to fear. As a sinister foe emerges from the shadows, the survivors of the initial disaster must band together to survive, lest their lights be snuffed out like the countless others before them….

When a government experiment goes wrong, the American people pay the price…

In a desperate bid to save the planet, the governments of the world deploy next generation technology– technology they don’t truly understand. When a catastrophic malfunction cripples the world’s infrastructure, killing millions and leaving others scattered to the winds, only the most prepared will survive. But was it truly a malfunction, or is something more sinister at play?


Paranormal Thrillers

The Operation: Harvest Series

They thought they had the perfect soldier… what they got was the perfect killer.

In a small New England town, the NSA and global conglomerate GenTech work together on a next generation experiment to engineer the perfect soldier. But as the experiments take hold, William Strickland is more than they can handle.

A senator’s son is dead. Inhuman creatures roam the streets of Detroit….

A disgraced reporter and former operative William Strickland are the only ones who can stop the carnage. But when GenTech takes this drastic next step towards world domination, can two people alone really stand in their way?

A killer turns Washington into his personal slaughterhouse…only one man can stop him.

Strickland follows a trail of bodies to the nation’s capital and ends up in the center of a spider’s web. A serial killer with connections to GenTech leads him on a collision course with Worthy, Irizarry, and the sinister SCALPELs.

Science-Fiction/Space Opera

The War of the Three Planets Series

Ancient alien races battle for supremacy, with one girl caught in the crossfire

An entire quadrant is on the verge of self-destruction…war is imminent between three hostile alien races, and Brie Northstar is caught in the crossfire. Will her strange new abilities serve to save the galaxy or destroy it?

Back on her home planet, does Brie Northstar return as a savior or an enemy?

After her adventures on Braxis, Brie finds herself safe at home on the planet Athelon… but things are far from okay. Imprisoned by her father and suspected of being an insurgent by her mother, Brie is a prisoner in her own home…

You can never go home again… and if you do, you can never escape!

Brie Northstar is a girl on the run. Her entire home planet of Athelon has turned on her and she attempts a daring escape. When some surprising help arrives, she rethinks her decision and come to grips with what she’s put into motion…

When the battle spans three worlds who can hope to fight alone?

Outnumbered, outgunned, and with nowhere left to go, Brie Northstar and her new friends retreat to a place she least expected – the planet Reblox! When she arrives on the hostile frontier world, she quickly learns that she’s not alone in this fight…

Brie and the Resistance escape from Reblox…but that was the easy part

A harrowing journey through the entire Quadrant takes them to a refueling station in Braxis orbit where they clash with the Scalebacks, a pirate clan out for blood. If they make it to Athelon, what awaits them and how can they hope to survive?

Imprisoned by her own people once again, what must Brie do to prove her innocence?

With the war of the three planets escalating, she must find a way to free herself and rejoin the resistance in their efforts to stop the violence. Setting the stage for the explosive final three installments – you won’t believe what happens next!

Conflict bleeds three planets dry and Brie’s desperate plea goes unanswered

All Brie wanted to do was stop the violence… but in spite of her best efforts, galactic warfare rages across the quadrant, putting all three planets at risk. Sinister evil lurks, an evil prepared to destroy everything to accomplish its goals.

Secrets are uncovered, but what good are answers as the galaxy burns?

Brie Northstar knows who she is and where she came from… but it brings little solace as Braxis commandos launch a new offensive, shattering her existence and thrusting her headlong back into the War of the Three Planets.

She knows who she is and where she came from – but will that help her stop the war?

The truth of Brie’s lineage has been revealed and the future of the Yarda Quadrant rests in the balance. The War of the Three Planets comes to its galaxy-shattering conclusion as three ancient races battle for final supremacy.

About the Author

Justin Bell specializes in high octane novels that grab the reader by the collar and drag them twisting and turning through a harrowing tale of suspense and excitement! Cutting his teeth on the Kindle Worlds G.I. Joe platform, Justin specializes in military oriented action novels with just the right hint of science fiction, “fifteen minutes in the future” perspective from popular universes like Metal Gear Solid and Tom Clancy.

In more recent years, Justin has released a Paranormal Thriller trilogy Operation: Harvest as well as a nine episode Space Opera series entitled War of the Three Planets.

Most recently, he’s been working alongside renowned Post Apocalyptic author Mike Kraus on Darkness Rising – a series of thrilling, realistic post-apocalypse thrillers that have been engaging and thrilling readers worldwide, already selling thousands of copies.

Justin Bell was born in San Diego, California, but has lived most of his life in the sleepy Upper Valley area on the New Hampshire and Vermont border. He first realized his love of writing at a young age, and had grand visions to go to school for English. Somehow he got sidetracked into the world of Information Technology as a career, but throughout it all, he has continued to write and write often.

He currently still resides in the Upper Valley area, and lives with his two beautiful little girls, his wife, and his Bichon Frise puppy Tyson.

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