War of the Three Planets in Paperback!

Long time no talk!

Hope everyone has had a good summer.  I’ve been spending a lot of time writing, that’s for sure, but I’ve been able to do some events with the family and get some exercise…a pretty darn good summer, over all.

As folks might be aware in the midst of the summer season I started a new writing project, The War of the Three Planets.  It’s a shorter novella-length series that I’m aiming to release monthly and so far so good!

When I announced the new project, some folks were a bit disappointed that it wasn’t available in paperback.  Due to the length of the work, I wasn’t sure it was really designed for paperback, but I’ve decided to do something a little different.

I completed three novellas this summer (and actually just posted a fourth one last month), so I’ve now collected Books 1 – 3 into a “War of the Three Planets Collection” which is a 90,000 word novel-length feature.  It’s available now in Kindle format and finally it’s also available in Paperback!

I know a lot of folks really like the sensation of having something physical in hand to read, so to try and appease those readers, the paperback format is there for you.  I figure that also gives people a little more meat as well, being full blown novel length rather than the shorter novellas.

At this point the plan is to write 12 total novellas, which would involve four separate collections.  I’ve almost finished the first draft of book 5, and hope to have the sixth book available by close to the end of the year.

I’m having a blast with this new project and hope folks out there enjoy it, especially those of you who love paperbacks.

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