Wolf’s Head Publishing – the year in review and the year to come

It’s been a while since I posted an update here, but it’s customary to do some kind of year end post with these things, right?  A look back at the year in review and some kind of inspirational message about all of the things you’re going to accomplish in 2018…

Not sure how inspirational it will be, but here we go…

First and foremost, I consider 2017 to be the first real year that I buckled down to focus on being an author.  My first novel was published in 2015 and my second in 2016, but this year is when I really dedicated myself to making this thing work.

I published the final novel in my trilogy (and my longest book ever) in April, along with the latest in my G.I. Joe Kindle Worlds projects.  In June I shifted my focus to an experimental science fiction novella series – The War of the Three Planets and had an absolute blast working in this different genre.  Along with these more obvious things I spent a ton of time talking to author authors, learning from them, experimenting with advertisements and marketing, and just generally trying to build a base.

I managed to write nearly 500,000 words while doing all of this other stuff (though a good number of those words are still unpublished).  I completed NaNoWriMo again, using it as an opportunity to write two installments of my novella series.

I also managed to put in 650 miles running, and unfortunately lost a pet who had been a part of our family for 13 years.  Not everything in 2017 was wine and roses.

From an indy author perspective, my hope is that 2018 is where I start to build upon the base that I set in 2017.

In January, February, and March I’ll be releasing books 7 – 9 of the War of the Three Planets series, which will be the final installments.  January I’ll also be running a Kickstarter for a new thriller novel that I hope to spin out into a full blown new series to launch later this year.  While doing all of that, I’m also in full blown collaboration mode with Mike Kraus on a series of post apocalyptic novels that should also start seeing release in the first half of 2018.

So, yeah, it’s going to be a very busy first half of 2018, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve set a goal of a certain number of words for the year, and have every intention of hitting that goal, even while working a day job that looks to be even more demanding this year than last.

How does it all happen?  How do I get all of these words down while working a 40 hour per week job (often times more) with a family?   I’m honestly not sure how it’ll pan out, but I’m getting the planning together now.   Over the past decade of my life I’ve worked on creating a sense of discipline and it’s served me really well.  I don’t see that stopping for 2018.  I never would have imagined when I pressed that “publish” button for the first time in 2014  (with my G.I. Joe Kindle Worlds work) that it would lead down this long and winding road towards self-publishing, but here we are.  How much longer this road goes is anyone’s guess, but I’m going to do everything I can possibly do to make it go as long as possible.

Certain elements are out of my control, but whatever I can control, I will be, and I promise anyone reading this should hopefully have some stuff to enjoy themselves as I progress through 2018.

Onward and upward.

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